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Products - Structural precast components

Filigree-element covers

The element cover exists of several single disks (Lost formwork) corresponding to the building layout. These become concreted together after the transferring (on the masonry) and mounting the upper armouring to the ferro-concrete floor cover. In the single disks the grid bearers and the lower armouring (Along and across armouring) are concreted. The underside of the element disks is formwork-smooth, prank and papered


Double-wall elements exist of two floor-high ferro-concrete bowls which are linked by concreted grid bearers with each other. The walls are mounted on the building site and are filled linking up with concrete. Recesses and different installation shares (cellar window, sockets etc.) can be already integrated ex works. The outsides and insides are formwork-smooth, prank and papered


Balconies are weight-bearing, flat concrete finished parts. According to application they are manufactured with running around upstand, integrated water expiry, gargoyle, untersided rogue's nose, surface coating etc. Corresponding of her static requirements (getting bedsores or cantilever) balconies with warm dams elements can be exported

Constructive concrete finished parts for the structural engineering

Quiver and block foundations, Frost and foundation bolt (with warm insulating shift), Base beams with Laminated board / outside or inside recumbent, Rectangle beams, Support, Bearers, Roof conclusion bolt / bolt, Purlins, T– and I– Binder

Constructive concrete finished parts for the civil engineering

Passages (consisting of trough and lid), Stove walls, Special finished parts for hydraulic engineering, Cover plates for well and sewage pits, Channels as a special prefabricated part, Light wells as a special prefabricated part, Lost formworks for foundations, Fire prevention cupboards (Federal Railroad tunnel construction)

Rail Platforms

Rail Platforms put together from platform disks, platform beams and platform foundations produced as a kit for the DB Bahn AG. The surface of the disk is structured with corresponding slide inhibition stock. Demands within the scope of the exposition classes are fulfilled

Precast stairs, Stringers

A stair exists of a stair run of min 3 successive steps shows. He serves for the comfortable and step-sure overcome from height differences. Stairs and cheeks are used in the inside sphere and in the undeveloped outskirt area. The underside can formwork-flatly, hand-smoothed, as well as have rolled. While the upper page structures according to customer request formwork-flatly, is radiated or with tiles is covered


Stages are flat ferro-concrete finished parts. They are manufactured individually as well as formed to a stair run

Finished part foundations

A cube or quiver foundation to the training in Planum for the building site, with connection possibilities for props and weight-bearing shares

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