BB Beton und Bauwaren GmbH

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The BB Beton und Bauwaren GmbH is a middle-class privately controlled company with two subsidiaries in Thuringia and a subsidiary in Saxony.


Since 1972 we are an experienced partner for the industry construction, the company construction, the agriculture construction and for the private own home construction. Our long-standing experiences and respectable specialist knowledge are the guarantee for the realization of the customer requests after individual concrete elements, architecture elements and standard elements in concrete and concrete plant stone.


Customers and catchment area 

Our customers are building material suppliers, construction companies, architectural and engineering firms, public purchasers and private individuals. We deliver all over Germany and also in adjacent countries.



In our plants we currently employ 70 employees


Performance Program 

Manufacture and sale of concrete and building materials. The largest share of production volumes represent the following products:

a reinforced structural precast, cast stone products, concrete products, architectural, special and decorative elements.


Quality Protection 

To ensure the quality of our products, an external monitoring is done by the quality protection of the BAU-ZERT e.V. (registered association) Construction Products and certification organization and Testing of E and W by BB Concrete and Building materials Ltd.



The BB Beton und Bauwaren GmbH is a Member of: