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References - Projects

We are researching the topic "Novel Formulations for Products of the Concrete Plant Industry"

In cooperation with the IAB - Institute for Applied Building Research Weimar gGmbH.

The project is funded by the Free State of Thuringia through funds from the European Union.

Innovation voucher - 2016 IDS 0107
Novel recipes for products of the
Concrete factory industry

Jena Commercial building - Salvador Allende Place/Germany

Manufacture window verge, props and bolt

Münster Aasee Harbour creation/Germany

Manufacture steps, shore-edge disks and facade disguising

Bayreuth Leerstraße/Germany

Manufacture supporting wall elements, edge verges, high-level patch and seat elements

Schwerin Buga/Germany

Manufacture the finished parts, terrace elements and block steps

Minden La Tienda/Germany

Manufacture the radii block steps

Sassnitz Place creation/Germany

Manufacture the radii seat blocks and steps

Fürth Siemensstraße/Germany

Manufacture the finished parts for the entrance sphere

Hermsdorf Civil park/Germany

Manufacture the benches and back wall slabs/cube disks

Heiligendamm Fence layout/Germany

Manufacture the whole fence posts

Fischbach/Germany Rail-Platform

Manufacture the foundations, beams and rail-platform-disks

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