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Tips - Right transfer from Concrete plant stone steps

German Institute for Standardization ATV 18333 “Concrete plant stone work”

Concrete plant stone steps on concreted stair runs are without force to move, e.g., to Mortar bar. This counts to corner, l steps and flat-shaped step steps. An exception are the stairway steps which are moved to subsonic noise mats.

The 4 Principles

1. No clamping

Clamp in the lateral masonry. The skirting board may not be put directly on the step and must become grouted permanently elastic.

2. Transfer on Mortar bar

Transfer only on two Mortar stripes at the extreme end of the concrete plant stone steps.

With lengths more than 1.10 m the Mortar stripes are to be moved inwards (for 1/6 of the total length, not broader than 12 cm).

3. Skirting boards do NOT place directly on concrete plant stone steps

Also with the order of the Mortar stripes in the points 1/6 the skirting board may not be put directly on the steps.

4. The set step remains with corner steps unmotared

Concrete plant stone steps impact sound insulation transfering

The German Institute for Standardization says:“ Impact sound insulation stairway steps and layer disks are to be moved with immediately under it of arranged insulating shift full-flatly.” In contrast to the concrete plant stone steps which are moved in the direct group to Mortar bar moved step layers can on insulating shifts– if the subsonic noise mat is arranged directly under the steps– in the full Mortar bed are installed. The deformation of the step is guaranteed by the elastic mat.


Joints between the layers and if necessary to the wall must be concluded long-term-elastic.

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