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Tips - Treatment from Concrete plant stone in winter

Wrong: Salt strew    Right: Sand strew!


Concrete plant stone layers in the undeveloped outskirt area are light to maintain and keep on decades her initial appearance. However, this assumes the right treatment in particular in winter.


Therefore, in frost and ice you should go exclusively with sand (for example, Granulation 0– 4 mms) scatter. In many property markets a grit-sand mixture is available that fulfils the same purpose like rope's salt to guarantee since the run security on frozen, iced up subsoil.


Rope's salts attack the surface of the concrete plant stone during the frost / rope change cycles, so that it can come in the course of the time to Roughening or to Spalling in the surface of the layers.


If you still do not want to renounce rope's salts, this must be informed on time before the production beginning of the manufacturer suppliers. Then frost and rope salt permanence can be improved by special additional plant-sided measures with the production.

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